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Start your own blog How to choose keywords for blogger blog

Start your own blog How to choose keywords 

But there's still that pesky problem of getting lost in the crowd. With millions of blogs online, how will you stand out? Your fabulousness is great, but even a golden needle gets lost in a haystack. We need some help from the search engines.
choose keywords for blogger blog 

Start your own blog How search engines work…in a nutshell

When we talk about search engines (like Google), there are a few things to understand.
First, there are electronic “spiders” that “crawl” the internet constantly. Their sole purpose is to visit and revisit web pages, index (i.e. categorize & organize) the information contained on those web pages and file that information away. (Imagine if all the billions of pages on the internet weren't organized in some way!)
This is helpful because when you, a human, hop onto Google (or another search engine), type in your search (a.k.a. query) and hit enter, Google quickly looks through the web pages its spiders have so loving indexed, and produces a highly relevant list of search results that matches your search criteria.
Make sense?

Start your own blogWhy search engines matter to a blogger

A search engine like Google is important because landing on the first page of Google's search results for a particular search is very valuable. It's like that golden needle getting found in a haystack.

Start your own blogHow do you land on the front page of Google's search results?

Well, no one knows exactly. The exact formula (algorithm) is a closely-guarded secret and is highly complex. We do know there are many variables Google considers, but one that seems to hold quite a bit of weight is keywords.
If you're the one searching for something, keywords are the main terms you use in your search.
If you're a blogger, keywords are the words spiders associate with your web page (each blog has many web pages).
When the keywords used in the searcher's query match the keywords associated with a particular web page, that web page has a better chance of landing near the top of the search results. It's not guaranteed by any means (remember all those other variables I mentioned above?), but it helps.
So, as bloggers, we need to:
  1. Think about the type of person we want to find our site.
  2. Think about what they would search for if they were looking for a site like ours.
  3. Use those keywords in our web pages so we increase our chances of getting associated with those keywords by the spiders, and (hopefully) land near the top of the search results.
Choosing and using keywords wisely is an important part of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) — something we'll cover more in depth later. For now, a basic understanding of keywords will serve us well as we take steps to get this blog off the ground.

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